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A pharmaceutical industry isolator is cheaper and more efficient equipment than cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in aseptic applications. It creates a controlled atmosphere during the production process by scrupulously respecting the different standards required. It can ensure the protection of the product, the operators and the environment at the same time.

The pharmaceutical isolator is a bacteriologically sealed enclosure used in the medical and pharmaceutical environment for toxic processes and aseptic filling process. It is made of a perfectly sterile main isolator where the products are handled, stored or packaged using shoulder-high gloves placed on one of the walls. It also includes transfer systems that allow the entry and exit of the products and the elimination of waste without breaking aseptic conditions.

There are many applications of an isolator for the pharmaceutical industry, mainly for production and control purposes. For example, it is useful when handling, transferring or packaging solid, semi-solid or powder pharmaceuticals, or handling and filling solutions and infusions. It is also used for sterility testing, defiltration, drying and weighing of cytotoxic principles, aseptic handling of tissues or biological production systems or pathogenic samples, etc. It can be used for the production and control of drugs and pharmaceutical products.