Vacuum Transfer System

Application areas of Vacuum Transfer System

  • For working in a dust-and/or contamination-free environment.
  • If the product needs to be conveyed under exclusion of oxygen (insert).
  • For transporting toxic, moist and other products with critical and difficult material properties.
  • Containers can Be charged In low-or high-pressure atmosphere.
  • In areas with the highest requirement on cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Our core competency has been charging the powders in a closed and contained manner in a solvent atmosphere without exposure or without static generation in the most reliable way.
  • We have been charging the powders into reactors with solvent atmosphere and at temperature & pressure in most safe way. We can also dose the powder at required intervals or continuously at the required capacity/speed.
  • The system has been designed to handle the powder which has high static charging nature or low flowability.
  • We have been successful in charging the reactor without addition of oxygen even when charging the powder from an open drum/bag etc.
  • SCS system is well suitable to handle highly hygroscopic powders.
  • PLC based panel are also available based on your requirements.