Planetary Mixer


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Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixers work on the principle of shear that develops between the stationary wall and the rotating blade. The blade is also used to reduce the size. The planetary blades rotate on their axis while they travel around the center of the mixing bowl which ensures complete and effective mixing.

The planetary mixer is mixing equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry which consists of a stationary bowl that is at the base and holds all the mixing ingredients and a set of beaters and mixers at the top which is rotated or agitated in a planetary motion to form a homogenous mixture.

The mixer blade which is dipped in the container containing the material. the chopper is also present in the container which has sharp edges or crushing blades. the crushing of the material is done by the sharp chopper or crushing blades. the process moves onward until and unless the mixing process is completed.

The planetary mixer is used mostly for wet mixing and to form a homogenous semisolid mixture of the ingredients. Liquid homogenous mixtures are also produced. The planetary motion of the beaters and the mixers create a homogenous mixture with minimum effort. This mixer is used when the material is in low quantity or the material is non-sticky.